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Moving Mountains Foundation empowers our neighbors
with direct material support and community development.


baby in white onesie holding wooden blocks
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

We provide free childhood development screenings to ensure disabilities and delays in growth are understood early in a person’s life. Following a screening, we can organize care with a child’s doctor or an expert to support a child’s unique needs. Groups that work with children can request screening events to make sure every child in their care is supported.

Caregiver Education

Everyone’s abilities are unique, and everyone needs to be cared for in different ways. That’s why we provide low-cost or free continuing education for caregivers, daycare providers, teachers, and other groups that support people with disabilities. Examples of previous classes include:

  • The importance of early intervention services
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders and treatment
  • Caregiver-child interaction
  • Sensory processing and creating sensory friendly environments
  • Typical and atypical development
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Three people in nature. One of them is in a wheelchair in the foreground, and a man sitting on a picnic table is handing a drink over to a person with a half-shaved head on an adaptive bike.

We make sure people with disabilities have the tools they need, because everyone deserves independence. Our world is better when we can all travel, communicate, learn, work, and play together.


For rural Montanans with disabilities, the time and cost of travel can be a barrier to health care. We offset the cost of travel for care and caregiver education in western Montana.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto


Two women in wheelchairs playing connect four at a party

Events are a great way to come together as a community. However, sometimes venues or activities aren’t accessible to people with disabilities. To celebrate our community’s diversity, we put on events where everyone feels welcome. Some past events include adaptive sports, sensory friendly gatherings, and holiday programs. During the pandemic, we continue to plan for brighter days ahead and find creative, safe ways to be together.

Why we do what we do:

  • For nearly half of Montana’s children with special health care needs, medical costs are impossible for their families to pay. (Source)
  • When a person is diagnosed and understands their disability early on in life, studies have shown they’re far more likely to succeed as an adult. (Source)
  • To date, we’ve received 30+ requests for education and support from organizations around Montana who serve people with disabilities.

We need your help to continue this work. If you have a disability, we want to work with you! If you’re a member of a business or organization, let’s find ways to include people with disabilities in your work. If you’re a Montanan who wants to put our state on the map for its’ neighborliness and diversity, please consider making a donation today.