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Celebrate over 400 screeingings completed with the Moving Mountains Foundation!

Art Class

Have a Project Idea? Tell us About It!

We are better together! MMF believes in the importance of community connection and collaboration. We love working with other mission driven businesses, nonprofits and individuals. If you have identified a need that is not being addressed in our community such as not being able to access occupational or speech therapy programs because of distance barriers, please contact us today and lets work together!

Do You Need Help?

Here at the Moving Mountains Foundation we know that sometimes life can be hard, and people need help. We make it our mission to provide aid and assistance to the members of the South Western Montana community. When you fill out the application below, our team of specialists will review your application and do our best to help you with your journey.

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Youth Conference

Interested in Volunteering?

Are you interested in volunteering with the Moving Mountains Foundation? Our staff is always looking for positive, energetic, and hardworking applicants. Apply below to get involved with us!

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Technology Class

Educational Opportunities

We provide affordable or even free educational services and programs for caregivers, daycare providers, teachers, early intervention specialists and other organizations that work with vulnerable populations in-house. 


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