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Ice Rink Tracks

Moving Mountains Foundation Presents Our Fifth Annual All Abilities Ice Skating

Image by Marjan Blan
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Free Entry!

All Abilities Ice Skating

One of our Foundation's longest activities/occasions, the All Abilities Ice Skating is one way we give back to our community. Now in its fifth year, this is an opportunity for Montanans, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, possesses a unique and inherent power to contribute to the rich tapestry of our society!


Embracing and empowering individuals with disabilities not only fosters inclusivity but also strengthens the very fabric of compassion, diversity, and resilience that defines a truly compassionate and forward-thinking community. When we invest in the potential of every individual, we are investing in a future where the barriers of prejudice and limitation crumble, giving rise to a world where every individual can shine, regardless of the challenges they may face.  


Thanks to the folks at the Glacier Ice Rink, this hour and a half activity will not only feature adaptive equipment for our community to use to hit the ice, there will also be sensory friendly rooms, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase, and a raffle. A popular space in the Missoula community, this occasion is open to everyone to come out and participate!

Image by SJ Objio

March 23rd
4:00pm to 5:30pm


Image by SJ Objio

Glacier Ice Rink
1101 South Ave W


Image by Neven Krcmarek

Our Event Sponsors

Peak Tier

Highland Tier

Valley Tier

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All Ability Ice Skating Gallery

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