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Moving Mountains Foundation Presents Bingo Night

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$25 Entry

Bingo Night

Our first Bingo Fundraiser, this event is an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about our incredible community, and the diversity found in Western Montana. Come out for your chance to win prizes through eight rounds of classic Bingo. A collaborative occasion between Moving Mountains Foundation and Soroptimists of Missoula, it is $25 to enter our venue at the Missoula Fairgrounds' Home Arts Building,. We anticipate a fun and special night to see the unique and inherent power found in Missoula from our amazing community!


Embracing and empowering individuals with disabilities not only fosters inclusivity but also strengthens the very fabric of compassion, diversity, and resilience that defines a truly compassionate and forward-thinking community. When we invest in the potential of every individual, we are investing in a future where the barriers of prejudice and limitation crumble, giving rise to a world where every individual can shine, regardless of the challenges they may face.  


Thank you to the amazing team at the Soroptimist of Missoula, for collaborating and co-hosting this event with MMF, and for the Missoula Fairgrounds for renting us this space. Aside for eight rounds of Bingo, there will also be a Raffle at the end. In addition, there adult and non-adult beverages for sale, but also pizza, and snacks. A popular space in the Missoula community, this occasion is open to everyone to come out and participate. To play Bingo, attendees must be 18 or older.


  • Money will be exchanged for raffle tickets to play and purchase food and drinks

  • Must be 18 or older to play.

  • $25 dollars to play plus $5 for additional bingo cards.

  • $5 Blue Raffle Tickets (Bingo and Concessions). 

  • $1White Raffle Tickets (Raffle Tickets). 

  • All Raffle participants must be present in order to win and collect their prize.

  • Due to gambling rules, raffles tickets will be used as a representation for tender.

Image by SJ Objio

June 27th
5:00pm to 8:00pm


Image by SJ Objio

Missoula Fairgrounds' Home Arts Building
1101 South W Ave


Image by Neven Krcmarek

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